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About Us

Cruising Gourmet Television is different: it is more than entertainment ; it is a learning experience, produced in breath-taking 4K HD!

Cruising Gourmet is unscripted, informative and at times, humorous. Cruising Gourmet empowers the viewer to master award-winning gourmet dishes while promoting cultural diversity in terms of understanding and appreciating differing cultural lifestyles their unique surroundings.



Aside from food preparation, each episode provides wine-pairing recommendations from the sommelier.

Although appealable to all demographics, Cruising Gourmet powers a lasting viewer recall with the relatively more affluent 49+ men and women, who have more disposble and discretionary income.

Featured Program Segments

"Signature" Gourmet Recipes

Viewers have the opportunity to learn firsthand the secrets of how to re-create at home enticing signature dishes created by award-winning chefs featured on Cruising Gourmet .

Sommelier's Recommendations

Each show will contain - at the minimum - at least one wine pairing segment presented by the Sommelier. In some instances, a selection of equally fine wines will be suggested to the home audience.

Culinary Tips
Food Safety

Food preparation safety a paramount concern. Examples include from the importance of keeping prepared mixed salad oil refrigerated to the practice of not pouring any alcoholic beverages from the original bottle onto hot cookware or over "open flame".

Destination Inspired Recipes

Inspired chefs make dining a delightful culinary adventure with an international menu of foods from the far corners of the earth, designed to please the eye and the palate.

Cultural Tourism

Each Cruising Gourmet episode will include at least two segments promoting the cultural aspect of the port-of-call.

Meet the Chef

As with any work of Art, it is important to understand and appreciate the essence of the Chef and what motivates him/her on a daily basis. Thus, each episode of Cruising Gourmet will explore what is behind the chef's culinary creations.

Indiginous Performing Arts

As part of Cruising Gourmet's continuing on-going support for the promotion of indiginous arts, we will include, subject to availability and intellectual property clearances, entertainment performances by local artists.

Exotic Destinations

Cruising Gourmet will be working with the various national tourism promotion agencies, globally, that are designed to increase the awareness and knowledge of the home viewer as well as attempt to generate awareness on eco-tourism in order to protect and preserve the natural environment. These segments can include, video-focused narratives with an historical perspective.